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Tour Update

Half way done and the tour is going really well. It all started off in Sault Ste Marie with a great crowd at the Grand Theatre.

The next day I was in Manitouwadge. Its a nice small community that really supports the arts. They have a beautiful auditorium in their high school. The whole community came out to see the show.

On my way to Geraldton I found myself speeding down the highway. Unfortunately so did the O.P.P. The police pulled me over and luckily this officer’s wife happened to be at the show the night before. It pays to do a good show. I got off with just a warning.

After a 4 hour drive I was in Geraldton where we had the biggest crowds of the tour. Following Geraldton I had a day off and spent it visiting an old university friend in Thunder Bay.

From TBay I went to Sioux Lookout. This crowd was slightly smaller but fun all the same.

After many shows and hotels they are all starting to run together. I can’t imagine touring for months at a time.

My hotel in Sioux Lookout was the Forest Inn. Staying there brought back memories of performing there over 10 years ago for one of their comedy nights.

Tonight I’m in Red Lake and in Kenora on Sunday. Being in Kenora will be a bit of a tease because I will be within a couple of hundred kilometers of home and yet I still have to drive out east to Fort Frances and Atikokan.

I’m on the home stretch. I’m really lookIng forward to getting home and spending some quality time with my kids (and give my wife a break).

In the moment, for the moment,


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One Response to Tour Update

  1. Meggie says:

    Thanks for the show in Sault Sainte Marie. My son went there with friends and has been talking about you since :-) .
    You made a great impression on him. Thanks again. Meggie

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